Actual Historical Figures in Eighteen For Mercy: Native Americans

In the novel Eighteen for Mercy, I wove together some fictional characters of my own creation with some real Native Americans and historical figures that actually existed and were part of that place and time when my story took place. This list is so extensive that I decided to break it down into several offerings, the first being to focus on the Native Americans who were either an integral part of the story, or who received some mention in the novel. Some of the names, such as Buckangehelas for example, were spelled several different ways.  I have listed them as I spelled them in the book, and they are set down in the order they appear in the story. In each case I have tried to identify the tribe, clan, or sept that they belonged to. The Native Americans who were members of the Moravian congregation of “Christian Indians” are listed under a separate heading


  • Wingemund – the Delaware shaman
  • Captain Pipe  (Hopocan) – Principal War Chief of the Munsee (Wolf Clan) Delaware
  • Custaloga – Uncle to Captain Pipe; former Prinicpal sachem of the Munsee Delaware
  • Panache – Munsee sachem at Kuskusky village
  • Netawatwees – Principal sachem of the Delaware Nation – Turtle, Turkey, and Munsee divisions.
  • Joseph Brant – War chief of the Mohawk Nation; Brother-in-law-to Sir William Johnson.
  • Dunquat – The Wyandot Half-King; Principal sachem of the Wyandot tribe.
  • Buckangehelas – A major war chief of the Delaware nation.
  • Molly Brant  – Sister of Joseph Brant;  Wife of Sir William Johnson.
  • Blue Jacket – Shawnee War Chief;  Accompanied Captain Bird in attack on Ruddle’s Station.
  • John Snake – Shawnee war captain accompanying Matthew Elliott’s mission.
  • Thomas Snake – Shawnee war captain who accompanied Matthew Elliott’s mission.
  • Kuhn – A Wyandot sachem accompanying Captain Elliott.
  • Snipe – A Wyandot sachem who accompanied Captain Elliott.
  • Captain Newalike – a Munsee war captain who abandoned the Moravian congregation.
  • Dragging Canoe – First Beloved Man and Chief of Chickamauga tribe   (Southern Cherokee)
  • Captain Jacobus – Delaware (Lenapi) war captain who attacked original Gnadenhutten.
  • Chief Pontiac – Famous Ottawa war chief who lead a multiple tribe uprising against Whites.
  • Blacksnake – Principal sachem of the Shawnee; participated in defeat of Crawford.
  • Guyasuta – Principal sachem of the Seneca/Mingo tribe of Iroquois.
  • Queen Esther (Montour) – A female Seneca war chief involved in the Wyoming Massacre.
  • Ghaus-sho-toh – Wyandot war chief at Battle of Sandusky.
  • Tutelu – The Munsee warrior who allowed Doctor Knight to escape from his custody

All of these characters in Eighteen for Mercy were real and participated in the actions mentioned in the novel.

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