Actual Historical Figures in Eighteen For Mercy: Converts and Teachers

In the book “Eighteen for Mercy” there were many historical missionaries, teachers, and converts who lived, labored, worshiped, loved one-another, and died in the mission towns of Salem, Gnadenhutten, Schoenbrunn, and later, Captive Town. These were the real people who lived the story about which I wrote.

This list includes the Moravian missionaries (who the Christian Indians called “teachers”), the national assistants (Native American converts who were appointed as direct assistants to the missionaries), and some of the native converts living in the towns.  These native converts were called by several different names.  The Moravian missionaries referred to them as the “Christian Indians” or “the Christian Delaware”,  the Native American tribes referred to them as “the Praying Indians”, and the frontier colonists often called them the “Moravian Indians.”


  • Brother Senseman –  Moravian teacher and missionary
  • Isaac Glickhiccan  –   National Assistant; former Munsee Delaware War Chief.
  • Reverend David Zeisberger –  Principal Moravian missionary of all three towns.
  • Anna Heckewelder –  Wife of Moravian missionary John Gottlieb Heckewelder
  • John Ettwein –  Moravian missionary who lead converts from the Susquehanna River towns in Pennsylvania to the mission on the Beaver River.
  • John Gottlieb Heckewelder  –  Moravian missionary; second in charge under Reverend Zeisberger.  Head missionary in Salem.
  • Jaochim –  Chapel interpreter; Christian Delaware.
  • Abraham  –   The eldest of the converts and an original national assistant.
  • Brother Youngman –  Moravian teacher and missionary.
  • Williams Chilloway –  Interpreter and national assistant.
  • Christian Henry Rauch –  Founded the Moravian mission at Shekomeko in New York.
  • Stephen –  Messenger sent to Schoenbrunn to inform the inhabitants that the teachers were being taken to Detroit.
  • Jacob  –   A convert out looking for his horses and managed to escape the massacre.
  • Samuel –  The national assistant at Schoenbrunn who lead his people away in time from Colonel Williamson’s militia.
  • John Martin  –  National assistant who was murdered at Gnadenhutten.
  • Young Joseph Shabosh  –  Murdered and mutilated by Col. Williamson’s men.
  • Tobias –  National assistant murdered at Gnadenhutten.
  • Jonas  –  National assistant murdered at Gnadenhutten.
  • Thomas  –  One of two youths who escaped from the killing room in Gnadenhutten.  Name of other youth is not recorded.

These were people who faithfully served their Lord and suffered at the hands of those who could not allow them to live their simple life of peace and neutrality.

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