Did the Events in Eighteen For Mercy Really Happen?

Eighteen for Mercy is a work of fiction, and like many historical novels the story-line is woven around an actual sequence of factual historical events. In Eighteen for Mercy there are two categories of real historical events that were an integral part of the story, and those which received brief mention due to their having had some relevance.

What follows is a list of those occurrences, encounters, and incidents that really happened, in the order which they appear in Eighteen For Mercy:


  • Buckangehelas’ appeal to the Christian Indians
  • Isaac Glickhiccans’ baptism
  • Gen. George Rogers Clark’s flotilla on the Ohio
  • Cpt. Matthew Elliott’s arrival at Salem with Half-King
  • Col. Lochry’s defeat
  • Removal of the Christian Indians from their three towns
  • Massacre at Long Run Creek by McKee and Brant
  • Terrible storm on Walhonding River
  • Death of Halk-King’s two sons
  • Mistreatment of missionaries and converts by Wyandot
  • Oct/ 23 summons of missionaries to Detroit
  • Col. David Williams first incursion to the Moravian towns
  • Missionaries questioned by British commandant
  • Escape to Ft Pitt by John Carpenter
  • Kidnapping and murder of Mrs. Wallace and her infant
  • Girty’s “fake letters to commandant” and meeting with teachers at Mr. McCormick’s house
  • Col. Williamson’s advance on the Tuscarawas towns
  • Stephen sent by national assistants to Schoenbrunn to announce removal of their teachers
  • Murder of Joseph Shabosh
  • A vote taken:  18 for mercy
  • Massacre of 96 Christian Moravian Indians at Gnadenhutten by Col. Williamson’s militia
  • Salem, Gnadenhutten, and Schoenbrunn burned by Williamson
  • Escape of two boys from the massacre at Gnadenhutten
  • Retreat of the Schoenbrunn inhabitants
  • Col. Williamson’s attack on Killbuck Island
  • Colonel Crawford’s campaign against the Sandusky Towns
  • Bulletin to militia ordering the killing of any and all Indians
  • Simon Girty’s attempt to get Crawford to surrender
  • Colonel Crawford’s defeat at Sandusky
  • Battle of Olentangy Creek
  • Attacks on Williamson’s retreating columns
  • Capture of Colonel Crawford and Doctor Knight
  • Murder of Capt. Biggs and Lt. Ashley
  • Murder of the nine captives near Little Tyomochtee Creek
  • Beheading of John McKinley
  • Colonel Crawford’s execution near Big Springs Village
  • The escape of Doctor Knight
  • Expulsion of Christian Indians by Half-King
  • After a second trial, the missionaries are released and offered to begin a new settlement for the Christian Indians on the Huron River, called Gnadenhutten.


  • Establishment of missions at Shekomeko and PAchgatogoch
  • 1748 first Gnadenhutten established near Bethlehem, Pa.
  • First Gnadenhutten mission house burned by Captain Jacobus and his Lenapi (Delaware) warriors, killing eleven
  • Christian converts all taken by Sheriff Jennings to Province Island near Philadelphia and made to remain for two years
  • Abandonment of Shekomeko in New York by original converts (Mohicans)
  • Pontiac’s Uprising
  • Pennsylvania militia near Bethlehem en-route to destroy Christian Indian congregation at Wechquetank but driven back by a storm
  • Establishment of Friedenshuetten on Susquehanna River
  • Battle of Newtown where Gen. Sullivan’s army defeated Col. John Butler, Joseph Brant, and where Queen Esther was killed
  • Aborted attack on Wheeling
  • Attack on Bryant’s Station in Kentucky
  • Battle of Blue Licks
  • George Rogers Clark’s second attack on the Shawnee towns in Ohio
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