Eighteen for Mercy Characters: Daniel


Age 29.      Christian Moravian Indian.   Delaware-Munsee tribe heritage.

Daniel is a Christian Indian who is married to Ruth, a Mohegan Christian Indian.  He spends much of his time in machinations against French Mary, who he has described as a “harlot” and the “devil.”   He is jealous of her influence with Ruth, who is French Mary’s closest friend and confidant, despite Daniel’s efforts to keep them apart.  Daniel doesn’t like to admit it, but he is both physically and emotionally afraid of the fiery French Mary.  He uses rumors as his greatest weapon.  He also sets himself up as an unfortunate man who is married to a “barren” wife, as he and Ruth have no children.    Daniel has an underlying jealousy, almost a hatred, for Etienne/Black Cloud because of Etienne’s former attraction to Ruth.  Daniel knows he is not half the man Etienne is.  When Etienne lived for several years among the Moravian Indians, Daniel grew more and more jealous of him.

Daniel believes himself to be one of the most righteous men in the Moravian congregation, and raises himself above all others in his piety.  He is pursuing a position as a National Assistant, and does whatever he can to make others look bad so he can elevate himself in the eyes of Reverend Heckewelder.

Believing his wife Ruth needed to be disciplined for her sinful ways of affiliating with French Mary, or when he feels threatened in any way, Daniel resorts to beating Ruth.  French Mary suspected these beatings, and finally persuaded Ruth to tell her the truth.  In turn, French Mary relays all this to Etienne, who warns Daniel that if he ever hears of one more incident, it will cost him his life.  Daniel knows Etienne is capable of killing him without mercy.  The only relief is that Etienne does not reside with the Christian Indians, but is a war captain among the tribes fighting for the British.

On a day that the Christian Delaware, who were temporarily residing in Captain Pipe’s Town after being expelled by the Wyandot Half-King, were preparing to depart for their newly appointed lands on the Huron River, Ruth and Etienne’s wife, Awinita, were gathering herbs.  Daniel arrived and flew into a rage.  His actions that accompanied his rage now sealed his fate when the two women went running to Etienne.

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