Eighteen for Mercy character: Stone Catcher

Stone Catcher of the Panther Clan of the Chillicothe Sept of Shawnee

The Shawnee war captain Stone Catcher is the oldest of the three Chalfont siblings in the story.  He is a fictitious character who is a mixed blood Shawnee and French Canadian, the son of Jean Paul Chalfont.  Jean Paul had married a Shawnee  woman who died soon after Stone Catcher’s birth.  Later he married Elizabeth Many Blankets, the Munsee woman and mother of Etienne and Marie Chalfont (aka.  Black Cloud and French Mary).   How he got his name is a rather amusing part of his story, a name given after he managed to offend several of his playmates during a game.  Although they grew up in separate villages, a bond was formed between Etienne and his half-brother as a result of Jean Paul often taking both of his sons with him on his voyages into the western Illinois country where he traded his good in exchanged for furs with some of the tribes. Because of these travels, Stone Catcher as well as Etienne became fluent in French and many of the dialects of Algonquin and Iroquoian (Mengwe).  Etienne always looked up to his older brother as a source of strength and tribal spirituality.  Powerful and stoical, Stone Catcher earned his reputation as a fierce warrior and was viewed by the English as a War Captain.  He harbored a particular hatred toward the Kentucky militias who had been responsible for the murder of his first wife and children.  He remarried and began a new family, which included two captive children taken in a raid in Kentucky. Stone Catcher had sworn revenge against Black Otter of the Ottawa for the murder of Jean Paul at a traders rendezvous.  Although never actively seeking out Black Otter, the chance meeting of the two would give Stone Catcher the opportunity to act on his vow of revenge.  Black Otter was a formidable warrior and would not be easily defeated.  The outcome is revealed in the book.

Throughout the story, Stone Catcher time and time again enters into the thick of battle to emerge victorious.  He remains the figure of courage, strength, and unshakable dedication to his people and their tribal ways.

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