Eighteen for Mercy Character: Ruth


Age 27,     Christian Moravian Indian.   Ruth was born into the Moravian society, however, her parents were Mohegan natives who originated from Connecticut and are part of the original converts at the first mission of Gnadenhutten, near Bethlehem.  Many of the Christian Moravian Indians were Mohican, which were of the same ethnicity as the Mohegan.  Ruth was passionately dedicated to her God and her religion.  She placed her faith and her labors into the Moravian life in the mission town.   Married to Daniel, who abused her emotionally and physically, she found solace in her close friendship with French Mary.  Daniel repeatedly attempted to put an end to this friendship, but to no avail.   Caught by the militia at the town of Gnadenhutten, and able to escape the massacre, Ruth traveled with French Mary and was at her side when Mary learned of the death of her son, Simon.  Daniel had eluded danger and made his escape prior to everyone else, with his own safety and well being in mind, when he could have signaled the danger that was coming.  After losing her father in the massacre, Ruth still clung tightly to her beliefs and tried to dissuade French Mary from leaving the Moravian society and rejoining her tribe in order to seek revenge for her son. Although having a onetime secret love for Etienne, she never allowed herself to act on these feelings, but Daniel’s knowledge of this was a point of never-ending jealousy which resulted  in his severe mistreatment of Ruth.  After a final act of violence toward Ruth, Daniel had to face his greatest fear – the wrath of Etienne/Black Cloud.   During this, Ruth was offered a  choice by Etienne – “Do you want this man?”   Ruth’s answer will be found in the final pages of Eighteen for Mercy.

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