Eighteen for Mercy Character: Jubal Blackburn


 Born 1739   Tay of Firth


Jubal Blackburn is the principle antagonist in the book Eighteen for Mercy.  The heavyset, red-haired, pugnacious Blackburn is the owner of a successful tavern-trading post on the Monongahela River near Mingo Creek in Pennsylvania.  An intelligent and successful businessman, yet crude in his ways and well suited for the wild frontier life that he adored, Jubal was had earned the rank of captain in the Washington County Militia, where he served under Colonel David Williamson.  Blackburn was known for his fiery temper, fierce fighting skills, and his hatred for all things Indian.

His hatred for the Native tribes had not always been there until that fatal day he and his brother journeyed down the Ohio River with two of Jubal’s three children, Israel and Nathaniel.   An attack by Delaware and Shawnee warriors left Jubal’s brother and his son Nathaniel dead.  Blackburn later learned the identity of the warrior who killed his son, a warrior who was of mixed blood French and Munsee.  The warrior was Etienne Chalfont, known as Black Cloud. From that day forth, Jubal Blackburn had only one purpose in life, and that was to kill Black Cloud.  To this purpose he swore an oath.

His pursuit of revenge would drag his entire family into the fray.  He had married Sarah Hastings from Liverpool, who Jubal adored and who took charge of the Tavern and the family in Jubal’s frequent absences.  She stood by helplessly and watched Jubal become a drunkard and obsessed with revenge.  Although rejecting his passive eldest son John, Jubal tried to form Israel in his own image.  He hired frontier brigands such as Mingo John and Maccus, born killers without a conscience, to help him run his business.  He also kept African slaves to assist on his farm and in the warehouses, however, he treated his slaves well and had every intention of setting them free.  He relied heavily upon Noah, who was able to manage Jubal’s entire enterprise for him.  Before it was all over, Noah would be called upon to participate in Blackburn’s revenge.

His pursuit of revenge will take him on several military campaigns into the Ohio Country, and upon the advice of Maccus, he will carry out a cunning and devious plan to set a trap for Black Cloud.

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