Eighteen for Mercy Character: Ruth

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RUTH Age 27,     Christian Moravian Indian.   Ruth was born into the Moravian society, however, her parents were Mohegan natives who originated from Connecticut and are part of the original converts at the first mission of Gnadenhutten, near Bethlehem.  Many of the Christian Moravian Indians were [...]

Eighteen for Mercy Characters: Daniel

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DANIEL: Age 29.      Christian Moravian Indian.   Delaware-Munsee tribe heritage. Daniel is a Christian Indian who is married to Ruth, a Mohegan Christian Indian.  He spends much of his time in machinations against French Mary, who he has described as a "harlot" and the "devil."  [...]

Eighteen for Mercy Character: Jubal Blackburn

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JUBAL BLACKBURN  Born 1739   Tay of Firth Scotland Jubal Blackburn is the principle antagonist in the book Eighteen for Mercy.  The heavyset, red-haired, pugnacious Blackburn is the owner of a successful tavern-trading post on the Monongahela River near Mingo Creek in Pennsylvania.  An intelligent and successful [...]

Eighteen for Mercy character: French Mary

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FRENCH MARY The beautiful, fiery youngest of the Chalfont siblings.  Sister to Etienne/Black Cloud and half-sister to Stone Catcher. Born in the Munsee Delaware village of Cussewago near the Allegheny River, the mixed blood French-Munsee woman lived a life very different fro that of her brother [...]

Eighteen for Mercy: BLACK CLOUD

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BLACK CLOUD Black Cloud is one of two major protagonists of the story.  He is entirely fictional, and not based on any particular historical figure.  He was born in 1754 in the village of Cussewago  in the Allegheny region of Pennsylvania, the son of the French [...]

19. Big Wind of the Fifteen Fires

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June 1795     Fort Greenville In June, 1795, following the defeat of of the tribes by Anthony Wayne at Fallen Timbers, the chiefs and the warriors of twelve tribes made their way to Fort Greenville.  Eleven hundred tribesmen of the Northwest Confederation sat about eating, engaging [...]

18. Betrayed by their ally

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August 20, 1794       Fallen Timbers,  Maumee River       All  attempts at peace have failed.  General Anthony Wayne had used Captain William Wells (Apekonit), Little Turtles own son-in-law, to attempt a negotiation.   Wells had been in charge of the company of scouts working [...]

17. A Black Snake who never sleeps

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August 1794    Fort Recovery and Kekionga There arrived at Fort Washington, in April 1793, a well-organized army under the command of General Anthony Wayne.  This time the army was made up on professionals, not a group of conscripted misfits.  Wayne spent the summer at Fort [...]