Lochry’s Defeat

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Early in the morning on August 24, 1781, not far from the mouth of he Great Miami River, Colonel Archibald Lochry landed his party of over one hundred men on the northern bank of the Ohio river.  Knowing that he was in hostile territory Lochry never-the-less [...]

The Lord’s Martyrs

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There was an uncommon barking of the dogs as the Moravian missionaries at New Gnadenhutten sat eating their evening meal.   It was the evening of November 24, 1755.   Brother Senseman rose from the table to investigate the commotion.  Several others followed him to the door, which [...]

The History of the Gnadenhutten Massacre

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In Tuscarawas County, Ohio there is a small town still in existence called Gnadenhutten. This is the oldest village in the state of Ohio. Nearby there is a park and a memorial dedicated to the ninety-six Christian Moravian Indians who were massacred there by the Washington [...]