7. Death on the Ohio

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April, 1787   Ohio River near mouth of Great Miami The Treaty at Fort Finney in January 1786 was the third in line of a group of treaties know as the "Conquest Treaties."  They were designed to strip the Native American tribes in the Ohio Country of [...]

6. Logan’s Raid

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October 6, 1786      Shawnee Town of Mackachack, Mad River, Ohio Country Since the signing of the Treaty of Paris on September 3, 1783 by representatives of Great Britian  and the newly formed United States, instead of a restoration of peace, tensions between the settlers [...]

5. The Seven Ranges

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On May 27, 1785, the Confederation Congress of the United States of America passed the Land Ordinance Act of 1785.  This act was determined to be the means by which congress would survey, sell,and settle the lands they "won by conquest" from the Native American tribes [...]

4. You may hunt there “for now.”

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April 1785 In late October 1784, a Treaty was held with the Iroquois at Fort Stanwix.   This was done in a manipulative fashion and without the consent of Joseph Brant and his tribal confederacy.  As a result of this, the Oneida, some Cayuga, and Tuscaroras were [...]

3. Burning, stealing, and scalping

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July 1784, Lexington, Fayette County, Kentucky    With the passing of the Ordinance of 1784 for the Confederation Congress of the recently formed United States, a proposal authored primarily by Thomas Jefferson, it was decided that the lands taken by conquest from the Native Americans north [...]

2. “Draw a Veil over the Past’

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October 1783     Philadelphia, Pa.  Following the signing of the Treaty of Paris, the Confederation Congress of the United States began discussing the issue of the Native American tribes living in the coveted lands north of the Ohio River and east of the Mississippi.  In this [...]

1.A dish with one spoon

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September 1783 The American Revolutionary War has formally ended with the Treaty of Paris.  The Native American tribes who had fought for the British are shocked and confused, learning that the British lost the conflict, and the victorious Americans are now claiming lands belonging to the [...]

The Three Tories

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By the year 1778, conditions on the frontier border of Pennsylvania had deteriorated to the point where in some taverns in Westmoreland County and near Fort Pitt toasts to the King's health could be heard. Spies and agents of the British out of Fort Detroit had [...]

Lochry’s Defeat

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Early in the morning on August 24, 1781, not far from the mouth of he Great Miami River, Colonel Archibald Lochry landed his party of over one hundred men on the northern bank of the Ohio river.  Knowing that he was in hostile territory Lochry never-the-less [...]

The Lord’s Martyrs

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There was an uncommon barking of the dogs as the Moravian missionaries at New Gnadenhutten sat eating their evening meal.   It was the evening of November 24, 1755.   Brother Senseman rose from the table to investigate the commotion.  Several others followed him to the door, which [...]