SHAMAN’S RATTLE. A short story

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THE SHAMAN’S RATTLE A SHORT STORY BY DONALD WILLIAMS JR. Historical Fiction (All rights reserved)    Mechakhokque (When the cold makes the trees crack)   Winter 1784         The branches of the trees were bowed under the heavy, freezing snow in the Moravian mission town [...]

Eighteen for Mercy: Story Line Overview

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EIGHTEEN FOR MERCY:  OVERVIEW Written by Donald Williams Jr.                          Author of historical novel Eighteen for Mercy All rights reserved  PURPOSE: It is the author’s purpose to write a capsulized overview of the historical novel “Eighteen for Mercy” to assist a potential reader in enjoying the series [...]

Warriors of the Eastern Woodlands: MASSASOIT

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MASSASOIT:    Wampanoag Massasoit was the principle sachem of the Wampanoag confederacy.  He was born in into the village of Pakanoket, which is near Narraganset Bay (current Bristol, Rhode island) in the year 1580.   In the early years of the 1600s, small pox has devastated the [...]

Warriors of the Eastern Woodlands: Chickatawbut

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CHICKATAWBUT Age:  unknown Died:  1633 Chickatawbut, also called Oktabiest, was the sachem (chief) of the large group of Native American tribe known as the Massachusetts.  His tribe inhabited, and to the English way of viewing it, owned the lands near and around what became Boston, Massachusetts.  [...]

Eighteen for Mercy Character: Ruth

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RUTH Age 27,     Christian Moravian Indian.   Ruth was born into the Moravian society, however, her parents were Mohegan natives who originated from Connecticut and are part of the original converts at the first mission of Gnadenhutten, near Bethlehem.  Many of the Christian Moravian Indians were [...]

Eighteen for Mercy Characters: Daniel

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DANIEL: Age 29.      Christian Moravian Indian.   Delaware-Munsee tribe heritage. Daniel is a Christian Indian who is married to Ruth, a Mohegan Christian Indian.  He spends much of his time in machinations against French Mary, who he has described as a "harlot" and the "devil."  [...]