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15. “We are in an actual war.”

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April 1792   Marietta, Ohio    (Mouth of the Muskingum River) Following St. Clair's defeat at the hand of Little Turtle, the general ordered a retreat to Fort Jefferson, some twenty-nine miles south of the battlefield.  As the uniformed regulars and militiamen all ran for their lives, [...]

14. Cunning, Crafty, and Couragous

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November 3, 1791   Bank of a Wabash tributary,  12 miles from Miami Towns As the army of General Arthur St. Clair moved northward toward the Miami, Delaware, and Shawnee towns on the Maumee and Wabash Rivers, with his large army consisting of Regular Troops, Conscripts, and [...]

13. A thousand warriors await you

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October 1791     Fort Washington (Present day Cincinnati, Ohio) Since the defeat of General Harmar and Colonel Hardin's forces in October 1790, attacks on white settlers increased with a vigor.   On Janary 2, 1791, just 30 miles north of the Marietta Settlement where the Ohio Company [...]

12. A promise of things to come.

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May 23, 1791    Wea tribal villages near the Wabash Following the terrible defeat of General Harmar at the hands of the Miami, Shawnee, and other confederation tribes of the Northwest, attacks began once again in earnest against the Pennsylvania and Kentucky frontiers.  Again, an outcry [...]

11. Battle of the Pumpkin Fields

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October 22, 1790       Near Kekionga Colonel Hardin, in advance of General Harmar, had now discovered well over one thousand Native Americans camped at Kekigonga.  Mostly Shawnee and Miami under the leadership of Blue Jacket and Little Turtle.   Hardin returned General Harmar and received permission [...]

10. These Indians aren’t going to fight

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October 19 & 20, 1790  Maumee River Valley The army consisting of a few companies of regular and over one thousand militia under the overall command of General Harmar had reached the Maumee area by late October.  On the 19th, Colonel Hardin provided a vanguard with [...]

9. Old, infirmed, or just boys

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September 30, 1790     Fort Washington ( site of current city of Cincinnati ) Following the failed treaty of Fort Harmar, the native tribes from the Auglaize River region and Kekionga, the hub of the western confederacy under Little Turtle, stepped up their incursions by driving [...]

8. The Great Spirit will give us words”

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January 1789    Fort Harmar, Marietta, Northwest Territory (Ohio) The majority of the tribes who had been formerly in the British interest, and have been threatened, forced out, or bought out by the Americans have now gathered into towns at the mouth of the Maumee River.  [...]

7. Death on the Ohio

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April, 1787   Ohio River near mouth of Great Miami The Treaty at Fort Finney in January 1786 was the third in line of a group of treaties know as the "Conquest Treaties."  They were designed to strip the Native American tribes in the Ohio Country of [...]

6. Logan’s Raid

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October 6, 1786      Shawnee Town of Mackachack, Mad River, Ohio Country Since the signing of the Treaty of Paris on September 3, 1783 by representatives of Great Britian  and the newly formed United States, instead of a restoration of peace, tensions between the settlers [...]