Actual Historical Figures in Eighteen For Mercy: The British

In the historical novel, Eighteen for Mercy, only a few of the characters representing the British were fictional; most were real.  The major fictitious characters serving the British cause included  Sergeant Jonathan Symes , Corporal Hans Schumacher, and Privates Albert Dawes and Thomas Englewood, all of Butler’s Rangers.  Also fictitious Loyalist spy Bartholomew Davis.

The following list of actual historical figures who were in the British interest, and who appeared in Eighteen For Mercy, include regular British officers, Loyalist officers, Indian Agents, and civilians who assisted the British cause in some capacity. Again, they are listed in the order they appeared.


  • Captain Alexander McKee  –   (Later a colonel)   British Loyalist Indian Agent
  • Captain Matthew Elliott    –  British Loyalist Indian Agent in charge of removal of Christian Indians from their towns on the Tuscarawas.
  • Colonel John Butler –  Commanding officer of Butler’s Rangers, a Loyalist unit.
  • Captain William Caldwell  –  Company commander of Butler’s Rangers out of Detroit.
  • Captain Simon Girty –  “The white renegade” –  Loyalist Indian Agent
  • Major Arent DePeyster – British commandant at Fort Detroit; Commanding officer of King’s Eighth Regiment of Foot.
  • Mr. McCormick  –   Flag bearer for Captain Elliott; later a benefactor to missionaries.
  • Captain George Girty –  brother of Simon; British Loyalist  and renegade.
  • Sir Williams Johnson –  British Superintendent of Indian Affairs in North America
  • Captain Henry Bird –  British 8th Regiment of Foot. in command of attack on Ruddle’s Station, Kentucky.
  • Mr. Baubee  –   British Indian Agent at Detroit.
  • Mr. Tybout –  Landlord at Detroit who offered housing to Moravian teachers.
  • Lieutenant John Turney – Butler’s Rangers; Second in command at Sandusky.
  • Sir John Johnson  –  Son of Sir Williams Johnson’; Commanding officer of Johnson’s Greens, a Loyalist army unit.
  • James Girty –  One of three Girty brothers who also served the British in capacity of an
    Indian Agent.

Of all the characters mentioned above, it was the three “Tories” Alexander McKee, Matthew Elliott, and Simon Girty who are viewed a major agitators among the Native Americans, and who continued to inspire them to attack Americans even after the Treaty of Paris.  Simon Girty is of such dubious reputation, that it is difficult to determine how much of it was fact, and how much was fiction.  One thing is clear, he was viewed with complete disdain and revulsion by the Moravian missionaries.

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