Actual Historical Figures in Eighteen for Mercy: The American Frontiersman

At the time of my story the inhabitants of what were originally the thirteen colonies were no longer known as Colonists, but as Patriots or Americans, although most still identified themselves with their former province (now a state)  such as a Virginian or Pennsylvanian. The British and Loyalists called them Whigs, but more often “rebels.” American soldiers were called Continentals.

The following is the list of those Americans whose character history has viewed from various standpoints. The most controversial figure in the story was Colonel David Williamson. Some historians view him as an arch villain, while others see him as a victim of his own circumstances.  It is certainly true that upon his return to Washington county, Pennsylvania, that he was hailed as a conquering hero by the frontier settles of that area. Despite some controversy over the murders at Gnadenhutten, he was never formally charged with a crime, nor faced any form of repercussions.


  • Frederick Stump  –  Frontiersman who murdered several Native Americans in Pa. and almost sparked a war.
  • General George Rogers Clark  –  Famous general in the Continental Army’s western theater who lead combined regular soldiers and militia units.
  •  Colonel Daniel Brodhead  –  A former commanding officer Pennsylvania’s 8th regiment at Fort Pitt , and lead an expedition to destroy the main Delaware town of Coshocton in Ohio.
  • Major Charles Cracraft –  One of General G.R. Clark’s officers, present at Lochry’s defeat.
  • Colonel Archibald Lochry –  Commanding officer of the Westmoreland County, Pa., militia.
  • Captain Isaac Ruddle –  Militia officer in command at Ruddle’s Station at time of massacre.
  • Colonel David Williamson  –  Washington County militia officer in command at the massacre at Gnadenhutten, and who was second in command during Crawford’s campaign.
  • Colonel Morgan –  A United States Indian Agent assigned to Fort Pitt.
  • Squire Boone –  Kentucky militia officer
  • Daniel Boone –  Kentucky militia officer
  • Colonel John Floyd –  The militia officer in command at the battle of Long Run Creek.
  • Colonel James Marshel  (correct spelling)  – County Lieutenant of Washington County, Pa.
  • General William Irvine –  Commanding officer at Fort Pitt at the time of Gnadenhutten Massacre. He had been away on leave.
  • Sheriff Jennings –    He was the sheriff who escorted the Christian Indians from near Bethlehem to Province Island near Philadelphia.  Pennsylvania was still a Proprietary at that time.
  • John Carpenter  –  Settler who escaped Native American captivity and fled to Ft Pitt.
  • General George Washington –  Command -in-Chief of the Continental Army.
  • Robert Wallace –  Settler whose wife and children were murdered and which helped spark the Gnadenhutten massacre.
  • Mary Wallace and her infant –  murdered by a Wyandot war party.
  • Montuer family  –   Frontier settlers whose murders were blamed on the Christian Indains released at Fort Pitt.
  • Sergeant Thomas Rankin –  Washington County militia.
  • Lieutenant Hugh Forbes –  Washington County militia.
  • Captain Joseph Cotton –   Washington County militia.
  • Private Charles Bilderback –  Washington County militia.  Possible was a Captain, not a private.  Alleged to have been the lead off in the massacre, killing Abraham.
  • Killbuck (Gelelemend)  A Delaware chief who was also an officer in the Continental Army out of Fort Pitt.
  • Joseph Parkinson –  Owner of the ferry south of Pittsburg on the Monongahela River.
  • Colonel William Crawford –  Commanding office of militia expedition to Sandusky. Burned at the stake by the Delaware following his defeat and subsequent capture.
  • Doctor Knight –  Regimental Surgeon.  Captured along with Col. Crawford but escaped.;
  • Jonathan Zane – One of Colonel Crawford’s Pilot Guide on the Sandusky campaign.
  • Thomas Nicholson  –   A Pilot Guide for Colonel Crawford.
  • Captain Biggs  –   A militia company commander, killed and scalped at Sandusky.
  • Lieutenant Ashley  –   Militia officer killed along with Captain Biggs at Sandusky.
  • Major Daniel Leets  –  A Brigade Major, Col. Crawford’s militia.
  • Major John Rose  –  Aide-de-Camp to Colonel Crawford.
  • Captain John Miller –  Militia company commander, Battle of Sandusky.
  • Captain Craig Ritchie  –  Militia company commander, Battle of Sandusky.
  • Major Thomas Gaddis  – Division commander under Colonel Crawford at Sandusky.
  • Major Joseph Brinte –  Division commander under Colonel Crawford at Sandusky.
  • John Crawford  –   Son of Colonel William Crawford.  Missing in action at Sandusky.
  • William Harrison  –   Son-in-law to Colonel Crawford. Missing in action at Sandusky.
  • William Crawford –  Nephew of Colonel Crawford.  Missing in action at Sandusky.
  • General John Sullivan  –  American general who lead a campaign against the Iroquois
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