4. You may hunt there “for now.”

April 1785

In late October 1784, a Treaty was held with the Iroquois at Fort Stanwix.   This was done in a manipulative fashion and without the consent of Joseph Brant and his tribal confederacy.  As a result of this, the Oneida, some Cayuga, and Tuscaroras were given lands and concessions for fighting on the side of the Americans in the recent war of independence.  The other tribes like the Mohawk, Seneca, Onondaga had to forfeit their lands but were paid for them.  The lands claimed by the Seneca and Algonquin tribes in Ohio Country were still in contention.  So another treaty was arranged.  This was attended by Wyandot, Delaware and some Lake tribes primarily, with the Shawnee and Miami being excluded on purpose.  They were told their lands were forfeit by right of conquest and that they would be paid a fair price for it as a token of peace.  The Delaware and Wyandot chiefs in attendance acquiesced.  This set off a series of internal conflicts among the tribes in the Ohio and Northwest areas.  Some of the land they accepted payment for and agreed to surrender was in the southwest of Ohio and belonged to the Shawnee. The Delaware (Lenapi) chiefs and the Wyandot chiefs were told lands would be set aside in the northwest corner of the Ohio country where the tribes could hunt and reside “for now.”

“I have just returned to my village with our warriors.  We have again visited the Ohio river and have attacked a flatboat full of settlers heading for the Kentucky country.  Their scalps are hanging on our poles outside of our wigwams.  Two of their children, a boy and a  girl, very young, will join our families to replace those the Long Knives have killed.  This will help wipe away some of the tears of our women who still weep for their sons and husbands.  We do not want it to be this way.  The Creator God wants us all to live in peace, but the Whites will not have it so.  They held a treaty at fort Stanwix and tricked our uncles, the Haudenosaunee, into selling their lands.  Then the Whites came to Fort McIntosh on the Beaver River.  There some Captain Pipe and Wingmund of the Lenapi, along with the sachem of the Wyandot sold their lands and the land that belongs to me.  My sept was not even asked.  No Shawnee were invited.  No Miami were invited.  They knew better, because we would never agree to their terms.  Maybe the Lenapi have taken money for our land, but it is still out land.  The Whites now believe it is theirs without conflict or without a contest.’you may be given a corner to hunt on and there to reside for now.’ They say   They have made a great mistake.  There will be more blood in the Ohio and their will be more blood on the ground in the Kentucky country.  This is our land since the time of our ancestors.  It is the land wee fought for and preserve for our children.  It will never be stolen from us by men of greed and ill will.  I will fight you to the death before that happens.

Lame Wolf,  Kispoko Shawnee

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